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Hi Beautiful, I'm 

your personal stylist

My name is Jazmine Camacho and I am a wardrobe stylist and fashion expert from Greenville, South Carolina.


Growing up I was super timid and clothes were my outlet of self- expression and allowed me to show my creative side. I've always been the friend that everyone came to for fashion advice. It wasn't until two years ago, after a life changing event, that I realized that life is too short to wait to do what you love!

I graduated from Converse College with an Early Childhood Education Degree. I quickly realized my true passion was fashion. I decided to start a fashion Instagram and started posting pictures of my daily outfits. To my surprise, I was picked up and featured on Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly and Charcoal Clothing. Once I knew that I was meant to be doing this, I started seeking out training opportunities and trained one-on-one with styling coach Catherine Horgan. I gained so much knowledge and experience to meet the needs of all my clients.  I built Jazmine Camacho Styling in hopes to share my personal experiences with women and empower them to have the confidence to dress how they want to RIGHT NOW.


Being fashionable is about being comfortable in who you are, knowing yourself and finding your own rules. We are all unique and that is worth celebrating. 

Jazmine x


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