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Terms and Conditions


1.     Jazmine Camacho Standard Conditions of Sale apply to all offers made by Jazmine Camacho and to all contracts between Jazmine Camacho and the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. In case Jazmine Camacho notifies the Purchaser of additional conditions, such conditions shall prevail. Standard conditions used by the Purchaser shall not apply.

2.     All Jazmine Camacho services are sold as is, with no warranties of fitness for any particular purpose.

3.     All copyrights, trademark rights, database rights, subsidiary rights and other intellectual property rights shall remain the sole property of Jazmine Camacho. The Purchaser shall not sell any Jazmine Camacho service except as agreed with Jazmine Camacho.

4.     The personal data of the Purchaser are stored in accordance with the law. Such data will not be passed on to third parties.

5.     Jazmine Camacho is entitled to alter prices at any time. The price of Jazmine Camacho services shall be as set by Jazmine Camacho at the time when the agreement with the Purchaser is concluded. All prices stated are exclusive of sales tax and exclusive of any other taxes.

6.     Jazmine Camacho remains the owner of all services supplied until the Purchaser has paid for them.

7.     Jazmine Camacho will issue an invoice to the Purchaser stating services and the Purchaser will pay the amount stated on the invoice upon invoice.

8.     In the case of a sale through the Jazmine Camacho website, Jazmine Camacho will issue an order confirmation stating services sold to the Purchaser after the Purchaser has paid the amount stated on the electronic order form using the credit card facility on the Website. This facility will send a separate financial statement.

9.     Jazmine Camacho shall deliver the services as soon as possible after receipt of the Purchaser’s order, subject to availability.

10. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws.

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